A Visit to Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

We were seated in the fireplace area of the bar, which was a first for me…


Our table was the coffee table-height table in the corner by the fireplace.  Paula and Hunter sat on the couch (settee), while I sat on one of the backless chairs that looks like a footrest (ottoman).  [My advice: If they should attempt to seat you at one of these tables, politely decline as they are not particularly comfortable.]

Hunter and Paula each ordered a quartino (a carafe which held about two glasses of wine) of the same wines they had had during their previous visit to Tutto Gusto (prior to my arrival).  I didn’t think to ask them what these were, but Paula’s was a white and Hunter’s was a red wine.

As for me, I asked for my standard Italian white wine choice, pinot grigio.  However, our server suggested a similar but more full body white wine, Soave Classico Pieropan.  It was good, but I probably would have been fine with the pinot grigio too.

I also was interested in ordering something from their food menu…


During my very first visit to Tutto Gusto, back in May 2012, my daughters and I shared one of their delicious Cavatappis (corkscrew shaped pasta dishes).

Rugetta e Patate – Corkscrew-shaped noodles with arugula, potato, pancetta, tomatoes, pecorino cheese – $15

Though this particular Cavatappi dish was no longer on the menu, there was another one that I was interested in trying…

Ragu d’ Agnello – Corkscrew shaped pasta (cavatappi) tossed with lamb ragu, garnished with taggiasche olives and feta cheese – $14

This was good, much better than the lamb stew and polenta dish that was being served at the Italy F & W festival booth outside.  However, to be fair, the cavatappi dish was nearly twice the price so it should have been much better…actually twice as good, but it wasn’t really.

On any future visits to Tutto Gusto I think I’ll stick with their meats and cheeses (which have always been good) or perhaps try one of their specialty dishes.