AMC Theatre – Fork & Screen

I must admit that I have been stalling on this one, as I am somewhat ashamed by this review. Here is why…

My Plan for our Day at DTD: Have breakfast at WPE, shop for a couple of hours, be at AMC Theatre by no later than 12:30 for 1:00 movie, take our time perusing the menu (after taking a picture of it, of course), order lots of delicious food, take great pictures of food when it arrives and the theater too, lights are dimmed for movie to begin, sit back and enjoy movie while we eat, etc., etc.

The Reality of our Day at DTD: Had breakfast at WPE (so far so good ;)), shopped for more than just a couple of hours (here was our downfall), practically ran to theatre, got there at 12:50, quickly glanced at menu (completely forgot to take a pic of it), ordered the first two things we could all agree on, hurriedly took a couple of not-so-great pics of the room while waiting for our food, lights dimmed for movie to begin, food arrived, tried to take pictures in the dark. :sad2:

And here is the result…


Doesn’t this look delicious??? :rotfl:

And after some editing…


Can you tell what it is yet? :confused3

Well, if you guessed Chicken Quesadillas than you would be correct! :thumbsup2

Here is the description from the menu: Classic Chicken Quesadillas – $9.99 Southwest seasoned grilled chicken and shredded Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses melted inside grill-toasted flour tortillas.

And speaking of the menu, here it is…

Our ratings for the Chicken Quesadillas ranged from “Okay” to “Very Good”, so an average of “Good”. 

After much editing the next picture turned out a little better…you can at least recognize what it is I hope??? ;)


Queso Blanco Dip & Chips – $7.49
Diced tomato and green chilies in a white Cheddar cheese dip served with fresh tortilla chips.

For this we had two “Good” ratings and one just “Okay”, so again an average score of “Good”.

The real star of our lunch actually turned out to be the drinks, as both DDs had smoothies (one strawberry-banana and the other peach-mango) that scored “Very Good” ratings. 

Sorry but I didn’t take pictures of the smoothies…I’d just given up at this point. ;)

So our overall rating for the food/drinks was:Good

But I am happy to report that once we relaxed and settled into the very comfy theater chairs, we very much enjoyed the movie. And the ability to munch on something a little more substantial than popcorn and milk duds while we watched, made the experience even more enjoyable. Plus of course, it didn’t hurt that the movie starred Johnny Depp.:love: Even if he did play a blood-sucking vampire. :lmao:

And so I’ll finish this somewhat mediocre review (hopefully you at least had a few chuckles :laughing:) with none other than our not-so-great pictures of the theater… :rolleyes1



and of course my humblest apologies. :guilty:

I promise I will do better next time we are here, as I’m pretty sure there will be a next time. :thumbsup2