Be our Guest Lunch

Initially the check-in process for my lunch at Be our Guest went smoothly, just as it had the first time I had lunch here in December 2013. However, unlike that first time, they had no record of my pre-order. Not a big deal though. I placed my order and paid, got my drink from the beverage station, and found a seat in the main dining room. I had time to take a few photos of my surroundings, including this one…


Hmm, I wonder if my husband would let me get a beautiful chandelier like this for our dining room? Yea, probably not. :laughing:

Anyway, it wasn’t very long before my food was delivered to the table…

Carved Turkey Sandwich served warm on a Baguette with Dijon Mayonnaise and Pommes Frites


The turkey sandwich was good. I had been a bit hesitant regarding the mayonnaise, as I don’t generally like Dijon mustard. But the Dijon mayonnaise was actually pretty tasty. As for the pommes frites, they were just regular french fries and not particularly good ones IMO.

But the star of my previous lunch and dinner at Be our Guest was again the star at this meal…

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake
Vanilla Sponge Cake, Strawberry Mouse Filling and Cream Cheese Icing

So my opinion of Be our Guest remains rather ambiguous. While the food is not good enough to make it a must-do for me, the theming is really cool. I’m currently trying to decide if I want to try to make a lunch reservation tomorrow for my next trip. :scratchin

On my way out I stopped to thank my hosts…