Belle Vue Lounge

October 2015 Trip Review

After photographing the decorated pumpkins on display in the Boardwalk’s lobby, I stopped by the Belle Vue Lounge for some breakfast to take back to our room. For those of you not familiar with the lounge, it’s located down the hallway from the lobby, just before the elevators on the Inn side of the resort. By night it functions as a typical bar-type lounge, except I don’t believe they serve food like many of the other Disney resort lounges. I’ve actually never stopped by in the evening for a drink, but it is something that is on my Disney bucket list to do sometime.

As for now though, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the mornings at the Belle Vue Lounge. Many times over the years that I’ve stayed at the Boardwalk Resort, I’ve not felt like walking down to the bakery on the boardwalk. Instead I would stop in at the lounge, which always has some of the breakfast pastries from the Boardwalk Bakery available for purchase. On this morning, in addition to two cups of coffee I also chose a raspberry cheese danish for me…


And for my husband I got a cinnamon roll…


I took these up to our room where my husband and I enjoyed our quiet breakfast. The coffee was again great (I wish I could remember the special blend that they had at the lounge, as it was different than what was served at the bakery) but the pastries were just okay. Unfortunately we didn’t have a microwave (since we were staying on the Inn side instead of the Villas this time), as I think they would have benefited immensely from being warmed. Next time I will probably stick to getting a muffin at the lounge. While the muffins are even better warm, they are usually pretty good at room temperature too.:thumbsup2

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