Breakfast from the Boardwalk Bakery – April 2021

The plan for our in-room breakfast on our first morning at the Yacht Club was to have the pastries that I had gotten the day before at the Boardwalk Bakery. Let me begin this review by saying how disappointed I was to discover that the bakery no longer had my favorite cream cheese danish, or any danish for that matter. So I had to quickly make another choice from a very limited selection of pastries in their display case. In the interest of full disclosure, I was visiting the bakery during the late afternoon, so they may not have had all of their breakfast pastries out on display. However, compared to my many visits to the Boardwalk Bakery over the last 20+ years (at different times of the day), it was now pretty slim pickens. I normally would have taken some photos of the current offerings displayed in their case but I completely forgot to do so this time…I think I was in a bit of shock.

So anyway, still available were chocolate chip muffins, which is Andrew’s favorite here so my choice for him was easy. Other than muffins, I think they had only plain croissants and what I ended up choosing…

Crumb Cake – $3.79 and Chocolate Chip Muffin – $3.49

NOTE: I see on their current menu (Oct. 2021) on the MDE app that they have a Brioche Boston Cream Doughnut listed.  I’m pretty sure they did not have this when I was there in April, because if they had I probably would have gotten it instead of the crumb cake.  Also of note is that the picture shown for the Boardwalk Bakery on MDE actually has a fruit danish and a chocolate croissant (two things which they definitely did not have when I visited).



Anyway, when Andrew ate his chocolate chip muffin the next morning he was satisfied.  It was good, just as it had always been.  But for me and the crumb cake, it was a different story.  There was something about the spice in the crumble topping that I really didn’t like.  The flavor was maybe cardamom, but I could be wrong.  Whatever it was, it was very off-putting for me.  This was in addition to the cake being pretty dry.  I might have been able to eat it though if I’d been able to warm it up, but with no microwave in the room that wasn’t an option.  

So instead, after a few bites, I pitched it into the garbage and had one of my birthday cupcakes for breakfast…

This tasted sooooo much better than that crumb cake.  It was moist and delicious!  

So I have to wonder now, were my delicious and super cute birthday cupcakes made by the Boardwalk Bakery?  If so, then I would rate the bakery a 4 this time (a strong 5 for the cupcakes, lowered to 4 due to the crumb cake and poor selection).  If not, then maybe a 2 1/2, or 3 if I’m being generous.  Which really makes me sad.  As for Yelp reviewers, they gave the Boardwalk Bakery a rating of 3 1/2, and those on TripAdvisor gave it a 4.