California Grill

Not wanting to commit to having dinner at a certain time due to our Territory Lounge get together being our first priority, I did not try to make an ADR for dinner at California Grill. We decided that with it just being the two of us, we would take our chances with doing a walk-up. If they had no available tables in either the restaurant or lounge then we thought we would go to The Wave or jump on the monorail and try our luck at one of the restaurants at the Grand Floridian.

Once we reached the restaurant’s check-in desk on the 2nd floor of the Contemporary, we were very happy to find out that they could seat us in just a few minutes at the Sushi Bar. We were directed to the special elevator to take us up to the restaurant on the 15th floor and then found a couple of empty seats to wait for our buzzer to go off.


It did go off momentarily and we were seated at the Sushi Bar, just as we had been previously told.


One of the sushi chefs was working directly in front of us, preparing the next course for the couple that was seated one seat over from Emily. I believe that they were doing the Omakase Menu. From what I have read about this since that time, it sounds like it is much like the Chef’s Table at other restaurants. At California Grill, this consists of 10 – 14 courses, most of which are sushi. Since there was no one seated in between this couple and Emily, we got to witness several of these sushi courses being prepared and delivered to them. Neither Emily nor I are sushi eaters but if we were, I’m sure we would have been quite envious. ;)

Here is my poor attempt at photographing the sushi chef at work…


I soon figured out that the glass display case which was between me and my subject made it too difficult to get good photos, so I gave up trying and just sat back and watched the sushi master in action.

Oh, and speaking of the display case, here is a photo of some of its contents…


These are some of the many fresh ingredients being used in the sushi dishes that the chefs were preparing.

Ok, now on to the food that Emily and I actually ate, starting with the bread basket and butter…


That was a lot of bread for just two people.

From what I could tell, the menu was exactly the same as it was a few nights before.


Now I must have been distracted by something while I was in the process of taking photos of the menu because that was the only one that I took. Sorry folks. :guilty:

I decided to have a flatbread as my entree and chose the one that Paula & Hunter had kindly allowed me to taste during our meal together on Sunday evening.


Pork Pate Flatbread with Roasted Garlic, Mascarpone Cheese, and Royal Trumpet Mushroom Chips

This was again delicious! Of course, I haven’t yet found a California Grill flatbread that I didn’t like. ;)

During her last visit to Cali Grill in May 2012, Emily determined that they served her favorite filet on Disney property, so that is what she ordered.


Oak-Fired Filet of Beef served with Local Tomato Risotto, Baby Vine Tomatoes, Petite Basil, and Tomato Butter

This did not disappoint. She stopped just short of eating the entire steak, when I reminded her about the chocolate dessert that had been included on one of the two platters we were presented with here on Sunday evening.

Again I apologize for not taking a photo of the dessert menu, but here are the two desserts which we chose.

Emily enjoyed the…


Chocolate Pudding Cake – Luscious Chocolate Cake with Nutella Filling, Meringue Kisses, and Mint Chantilly

Her comment was, “They had me at chocolate…but the nutella and mint were a nice bonus.” :laughing:

For my dessert, I chose my favorite from Sunday night’s dessert platters…


Warm Homemade Fritters – Banana-stuffed, Cinnamon-dusted Fritters with Toasted Caramel Marshmallows complemented with a Trio of Dipping Sauces

There are those who would say these are merely doughnut holes…


But for me, what makes these especially delicious is the…


Trio of Dipping Sauces – Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Salted Caramel

I loved all three of these, so was glad I didn’t have to choose just one.

While our service this time was not quite as amazing as when we dined with Paula and Hunter, it was good and I have no complaints. So another successful meal was had at my favorite Disney restaurant, California Grill. Can’t wait to return here with Paula and Hunter for my birthday dinner! :woohoo: