Captain’s Grille Breakfast

Sadly this was the final day of my trip :sad1:, but I managed to cram in three full meals plus a snack from the Boardwalk Bakery so I still have quite a bit more food to review. :laughing:

My day began with an 8:00 a.m breakfast at the Yacht Club’s…


Here I met up with Brenda & Michael…




Oops, that’s obviously not Michael. :laughing: I guess I failed to get a picture of him at our CG breakfast. Sorry Michael.

We were also lucky to have this awesome mother-daughter duo join us there…


Patty (emmebear) and Emme

Everyone else chose to eat from the buffet…


… but I ordered something from the A la Carte section of the menu.


I had previously planned to order either the Citrus-scented French Toast or the Lemon-Ricotta Hotcakes but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling like having either of these that morning. Instead, I was craving eggs…and more specifically a made-to-order omelet. :thumbsup2

Tailored Omelet – Choice of Meats, Vegetables, and Cheese served with Savory Hash Browns and a Biscuit

Our server rattled off a long list of meats and vegetables that were available for the omelet and I said, “Yes, please!” to all but the onion I believe. Add to that some cheddar cheese and it made for a pretty decent “garbage” omelet…but not as good as the one I had had at Crystal Palace during my December trip. (shown in the photo below)


Now that was a really good “garbage” omelet! :thumbsup2

Anyway, the hash browns and biscuit which came with the omelet at Captain’s Grille were okay, nothing particularly memorable about them. The same is true of the coffee and glass of orange juice which rounded out my breakfast here.


Perhaps I was just too sleepy to fully enjoy this meal though. Maybe I should have started with a “Wake-Up Call”??? ;)


So in conclusion, my breakfast at Captain’s Grille was fine but nothing special. This was my first ever visit to Captain’s Grille…and while I won’t say that this will be my last, I will say that it will probably be my last for awhile. I think I’d like to try some other new places for breakfast first, like The Wave and Trail’s End, before I give this one another shot.

Oh, and I should add here that though my food at Captain’s Grille that morning was nothing special, the company which I had there was quite the opposite…


– Photo credit to Patty (emmebear) –


– Photo credit to Patty –