Happy Hour at Tutto Gusto

As I mentioned earlier, I only made it from Mexico to Italy before I was ready for another break from the heat. :worried:


Tutto Gusto wine cellar seemed to fill the bill so in we went. I had told Paula and Hunter about a delicious pasta dish that I had had here back in May 2012…


Rughetta e Patate- Corkscrew-shaped noodles with arugula, potato, pancetta, tomatoes, pecorino cheese

I wanted to get this again and share it with Paula and Hunter, however when I looked at the menu it was nowhere to be found. :confused3



Hunter asked our server about the missing pasta dish and she said that she had never heard of it. I seem to recall that she told us that she had worked there for more than 6 months and had never seen the Rughetta e Patate on the menu. Though I was almost certain that it had appeared on the menu during our visit here in December (only 5 months ago), arguing over its one time existence seemed rather pointless.

But just for the record, here is the photographic evidence… ;)


The December 2013 menu posted outside and the menu we were given inside, both showing the Rughetta e Patate under the “Cavatappi” section.


But what’s gone is gone, so I drowned my sorrow in a glass of the tasty sangria that Paula and Hunter ordered…


I’m not certain, but I think this is the same sangria that is served at Via Napoli. :thumbsup2