Hollywood Brown Derby

On their DHS day, my nephew and his wife chose to have dinner at…


They did the Fantasmic! Dinner Package here, which included the same amount of food (appetizer, entree, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage) as with their Deluxe Dining Plan, but with one limitation. So in other words, for the same 2 DxDP credits (each) they were able to get the same food (with one exception, which I will explain later) plus get vouchers for the reserved seating area for Fantasmic! This was done at my suggestion when I saw on their schedule that they were having dinner at HBD anyway and planned to attend Fantasmic! that night.

Ok, so first up is a photo of the menu they were presented…


Now on to their food, starting with their appetizers. My nephew chose the…


Beef Carpaccio with Capers, Lemon Mustard Aioli, Petite Salad Greens, Caesar ice cream and toasted French bread

His Comment: I thought the beef carpaccio was extraordinary!

While his wife went with the…


Crispy Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes over an English Cucumber and Plum Tomato Slaw with a Sweet Chili Sauce

Her Comment: I thought the crab cakes were crispy and very delicious with the spicy chili sauce and the slaw to cool it down.

Then for his entree, my nephew chose the…


Charred-glazed Filet of Beef with a Red Wine Reduction topped with a Cabernet and Roasted Shallot Butter, over White Truffle Oil-Wild Forest Mushroom Mashed Potatoes, and Sauteed Haricot Verts

His Comment: I enjoyed the beef filet but the green beans were a little under cooked.

His wife chose for her entree the…


Pan-seared Grouper with a Half Herb-crusted Lobster Tail over an Orzo Salad with a Cognac-Mushroom Beurre Blanc

Her Comment: I thought my entree was very beautiful, juicy and delicious,

Normally at Hollywood Brown Derby you have your choice from about 6 different desserts when you order their Mini Dessert Trio, but apparently when dining with the Fantasmic! Dining Package that is not the case.

Here is what they each received for dessert…


Mini Dessert Trio of Double Vanilla Creme Brulee, Brown Derby Original! Mini Grapefruit Cake, and Chocolate Sphere with Hazelnut Praline Chocolate and Orange-White Chocolate Mousse

Their Comments: We both thought it was kind of stinky that we didn’t get to pick our desserts. I liked the tangy grapefruit cake but I thought the best dessert out of the three was the creme brulee. My wife thought the grapefruit cake was way too tangy and the texture was kind of stringy. Neither of us really cared for the chocolate sphere.