Kilimanjaro Club

May 2015 Check-In Review includes:

  • Sangria Review
  • Photos of the Lounge
  • Photos of the refreshments


May 2015 Review 2 includes:

  • Photos of new refreshments including scones, rice krispie treats, and peanut butter brownies.


May 2015 Review 3 includes:

  • Review of night time offerings of wine, cheeses, and sweets
  • Review of hot dishes including Trofie Cut Pasta with Fufu Cheese Sauce andMozambique Duck with Bulgar Pilaf and Quince Jus


May 2015 Review 4 includes:

  • Review of additional desserts including a fruit tart and a coconut cream dessert


May 2015 Review 5 includes:

  • Review of full breakfast!