Kona Cafe Breakfast


I met up with my friends, Brenda and Michael, for breakfast at Kona Cafe.  I arrived first and checked in at the Kona desk and even though the reservation was in Brenda’s name they still seated me at a table right by the entrance to the restaurant.


Brenda and Michael arrived while I was still photographing the menu…




Like at the Grand Floridian Cafe though, there was no need for me to actually read the menu because I already knew exactly what I wanted. I started with a cup of the Kona blend coffee and a glass of orange juice…


That was followed by my favorite breakfast entree in all of Disney World, the…

Macadamia-Pineapple Pancakes served with Macadamia Nut Butter, Pineapple Sauce, and your choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage (which is what I chose).

I had this for the first time in Nov. 2011 and have had it 4 times since then. I am very happy to say that it has never let me down. These are so incredibly delicious…I’m pretty sure that I heard angels sing after my first bite. ;)

During my last visit to Kona in December (which was also with Brenda, plus her DD Em and Paula & Hunter), my pancakes were great as usual but the service was terrible. However, for these pancakes I would be willing to don an apron and serve myself if I had to…which I was nearly forced to do in December. However this time I’m happy to report that we had no problems with service. :thumbsup2

My one concern here is that I’ve heard rumors that with the major renovations which have recently begun at the Polynesian, Kona Cafe will be closed and replaced by a new signature restaurant. This would mean no more pancakes. :eek: Someone please tell me that this awful rumor is not true. :worried:

So for now, all I can say is that for as long as Kona Cafe exists and serves macadamia-pineapple pancakes, I’ll be there to enjoy them on each and every visit to WDW. :thumbsup2