Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery


I must admit that I’ve probably walked by this place many times and never realized that this was Kusafiri Bakery.  You see, I had always imagined it to be a shop, similar to Starring Rolls Cafe at Hollywood Studios.  But in reality this place was only a window, not a shop as the name implies.  I forgot to take a photo of their menu, but it included only about 8 or 9 breakfast options.  These were mostly pastry items like muffins, danish, croissants, elephant ears, and what was called a “Warm Colossal Cinnamon Roll.”  This sounded very interesting but it was $8.99 and described as serving 2 people.  Since I was on my own at this time, I decided to pass on the colossal roll…but I might just try this during my upcoming trip with my kids.  But back to October and the task at hand…choosing what to have for my breakfast.  And I must say that not being able to see the options, like you can at Starring Rolls, etc., made it a little more difficult to decide.   But ultimately I decided to try their most unique breakfast option…

Hot Breakfast Wrap – Egg, Sausage, Spinach and Goat Cheese $6.79

I agree, this doesn’t look too appetizing in my photo.  Here, this one might be a better representation of this breakfast wrap…



The eggs, which was the primary ingredient of this wrap, tasted a bit processed.  Also it could use a little more sausage and for me, a lot more goat cheese…because I love goat cheese!

So this falls into the category of, “Glad I tried it, but no need to have it again” category.  Next time if I find myself in the need of a quick breakfast at Animal Kingdom I will either go to Creature Comforts (Starbucks) or give that colossal cinnamon roll a try.