L’Artisan des Glaces


L’Artisan was pretty busy so I didn’t want to hold up the line by taking photos. But even if I had, I’m sure my photos would not have been as great as this one recently taken by DonaldDoleWhip and posted on the Dis boards No Longer Live Thread…

Photo credit to DonaldDoleWhip

As the previous host of the Live Thread, I saw many photos of the L’Artisan offerings but this one with the Mickeys is my all-time favorite. Great photo, DDW!! :thumbsup2

And speaking of Mr. DoleWhip, on my first visit to L’Artisan in Dec. 2013 I copied an idea that he presented to us on the Live Thread and tried the…

Coupe Arrosee (name per my receipt) – Pineapple Sorbet, Coconut White Chocolate Ice Cream, and Rum

Though I love pina coladas, sadly this did not do it for me. I regretted my choice even more when I saw Rachel’s (rachel09985) report from her visit to L’Artisan during our December DISmeet trip. And so, this time I copied Rachel and had the…

Croque Glace – Any flavor ice cream in a warm brioche with chocolate or raspberry sauce (I chose vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce)

Sadly, just like with the “pina colada-like” martini, I was disappointed with this. While I liked the ice cream and I liked the brioche, I didn’t like eating ice cream and bread together. The flavor/texture combination just seemed weird to me. :confused3

So I have yet to find my Holy Grail of L’Artisan des Glaces, but my quest will no doubt continue during my October trip. Perhaps the third time will be the charm! :thumbsup2