Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch


Our lunch group consisted of Linda, Philip, Paula, and Hunter (on left side); Em, Brenda Vicki, and me (on right side).

Some menu pics…




I started with a freshly brewed Iced Tea…


…served in a Liberty Tree Tavern glass mug.” :thumbsup2

While I really like the pot roast and the burgers at Liberty Tree, my heart belongs to the…



Colony Salad with Washington Apples, Sweet Pecans, Applewood-smoked Cheddar cheese, Craisins Dried Cranberries, and Grilled Chicken tossed with Field Greens in a Honey-Shallot Vinaigrette -$14.49

I love everything about this salad…wouldn’t change a thing about it! :thumbsup2

Linda also had this salad, only minus the chicken.

Linda said, “This was delicious, I really enjoyed it. I am a sucker for craisins (which is just as well as Disney seems to stick them in everything!) and the smoked cheddar stopped the salad from being too sweet. I asked for the dressing to be on the side as I hate it if a salad is over dressed but the dressing itself was wonderful.  As a side note, when we got the bill at the end of the meal, our server had taken $5 off my entrée as I didn’t have the chicken. This was a nice surprise and totally unexpecte.”

Linda’s husband, Philip, had the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger topped with your choice of Bacon and Cheddar or Mushrooms and Provolone served with fresh Fruit or Tavern Fries (no photo).


Linda said, “He loved this burger, and he loved the fries! He said that everything was hot, fresh and well prepared and compared it to the burger and fries at the Plaza Inn which he also loves so high praise indeed.”

Paula & Hunter and Brenda & Emily both started their lunch by sharing the Tavern Fried Cheese with Marinara Sauce (no photo available).

Brenda said “I’m bitter that they got rid of the fried cheese nuggets and went 100% mozzarella cheese sticks a few years back. I much prefer the smaller rounder portions but this wasn’t bad. Honestly, I wish I could peek in the kitchen and see how they prepare the marinara sauce. It tastes very familiar, like an off the grocery shelf brand. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that there is a chef back there stirring the marinara pot.”

For their main course Paula and Hunter decided to choose two items and to share them.

The Colony Salad with the Grilled Chicken…


And the Pot Roast…

– Photos by Paula –


Paula said, “The picture of the pot roast is a little deceiving as you can’t see the mashed potatoes but trust me they are under there!  I began with the salad in front of me and the pot roast in front of Hunter and we both ate about half of each and then switched… However as much as I loved the Pot Roast I really also enjoyed the salad! In fact Hunter must have heard me enjoying it as he offered to let me finish it off when he had enough!
Both entrees were great choices and we were both very pleased with the meal! Nothing fancy but just really good food!”


Brenda and Emily split the burger and it arrived at our table pre-split (no photo available).  Brenda said, “This was just a burger – but it was very good! I was glad that Em had deviated from the “plan to order the pot roast” and tried something new. And the fries were incredible. MK fries rock!”


And that leaves Vicki who started with the Vegetable Soup…
– Photo by Vicki –
Vicki said, “I remember it being tasty.”


“After first ordering the pot roast, for reasons unknown I changed my mind to the fish & chips which was the special.”

– Photo by Vicki –

Vicki said, “This was actually quite tasty. Again, not sure why I made this choice but I ended up happy with my meal.”
For dessert we shared three orders of the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake (Vanilla Cake with a gooey toffee filling, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice-cream).

Brenda summed up our feelings well regarding this dessert when she said, “Two words come to mind. Completely. Awesome. This is the seriously best dessert in all of MK!  I scraped the toffee bits off the ice-cream then rolled it aside and dug into the cake.”

Emily however prefers and therefore ordered the Johnny Appleseed’s cake (Tavern-made white cake filled with apples and Craisins dried cranberries, topped with ice-cream).

Brenda said, “I had a taste and it was very good. Not to the caliber of the toffee cake but I can see where it would have its appeal.

Though the food, service, and my dining companions were all great here, I have to admit that I was a bit distracted by my excitement over my daughter’s arrival at the Orlando airport. When she texted me that she had boarded the Magical Express bus, I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer and sent her this greeting from the group…


…even our server got in on the fun. :goodvibes