Dinner at Narcoossee’s


We arrived at Narcoossee’s after taking a bus from the Boardwalk to Magic Kingdom and then the small boat, which comes into the dock right beside the restaurant.

We arrived at the podium on time for our 7:20 reservation and I politely requested a table by the window, adding that we were in no rush. I had hoped to make our reservation for a little later (at around 8:00), in order to be there to watch the 10:00 fireworks, but was unable to do so. We have previously found that it generally takes 2 hours or more (including wait time to be seated) to have a 3-course meal at Narcoossee’s. But much to my surprise, instead of the usual 20 minute or more wait for a window table, we were seated in about 5 minutes. :eek:

We began our meal by ordering an appetizer for Allison and I to share (Emily stuck to just eating the sourdough bread from our bread basket)…


Crispy Calamari – with pepperoncini-olive relish and tomato coulis

As I said before, this was again excellent. The best calamari I’ve had in recent memory! :thumbsup2  Allison and I both agreed it was much better than Il Mulino’s calamari and she said that it also trumped the calamari she’d had earlier in the trip at Kouzzina.

Next I will show you a picture of the menu we were presented, so that you can see for yourself my entrée dilemma.


Oops, wrong side! :lmao: Let’s flip that over, shall we?


Narcoossee’s Menu as of May 24, 2012

I had previously decided to order the Crab-crusted mahi-mahi entrée, which is currently still listed on the allears menu. But as you can see, the Crab-crusted mahi mahi (or crab-crusted fish of any kind) is nowhere to be found on this menu. :mad: So now what would I order??? :confused3

But before I tell you that, let’s first start with Emily’s entrée choice. On her two previous visits to Narcoossee’s she had gotten the chicken entrée. Well, this time she got this…


Pan-roasted All-Natural “Poulet Rouge Fermiere” Chicken Breast with Boniato Mashed Potatoes (in place of the White Cheddar-Peppadew Grit Cake), Braised Berkshire Pork Belly, Baby Fennel, Spring Carrots, Grilled Ice Onion, and Whole Grain Mustard Jus.
(Whew…that was a long one! :lmao:)

She wasn’t crazy about the mustard-flavored gravy but otherwise thought this dish was a solid good “Wendy”.

Next up was Allison, who I was 99.99% positive would order the Whole Maine Lobster. But then as we were looking over the menu, she tells me that since she hadn’t yet had a good steak on this trip (only the “Okay” rated Artist Point “hand-me-down” steak from her sister ;)) she was going to order the Surf & Turf. :eek: Now given my recent history with this entrée, I believed that this would definitely not be worth its price of $68.00. :sad2:

And so I proposed to her a compromise, whereby she would get this…



Two-Pound Steamed Whole Maine Lobster – served with Baked Sherry-Cheddar Orecchiette Gratin and Broccolini
(BTW, I had to take a pic of this with my IPhone, as DD2 refused to take one because she thought it looked too gross! :rotfl:)

And I then ordered this…


Grilled Filet Mignon with a Red Wine Reduction and served with Boniato Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus (instead of the Risotto, because DD1 really wanted these two sides that were normally served with the Surf & Turf).

And so we ended up sharing our two entrees, creating our own version of Surf & Turf. ;) The Whole Lobster we both agreed was “Very Good” once again. As for the Filet, we gave it just a good “Wendy”. I think Allison’s rating was because she preferred the lobster over the steak. As for me, I had already had two great filets on this trip at Bistro de Paris and Yachtsman Steakhouse and this one just didn’t seem to measure up. And though the mashed potatoes were good, they were not nearly as good as either the ones at Bistro or YSH.

Okay, so moving on to our desserts now. Allison thought she was too full to eat any dessert so she decided to drink her dessert. ;)


Godiva Chocolate Martini -Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Stoli Vanil Vodka, Frangelico, and White Crème de Cacao

She liked this, however wished she would have gotten the other Specialty Martini that was listed on the menu, Mudslide Martini with Baileys Irish Cream, Stoli Vanil Vodka, Kahlúa, and Half & Half.

As for me, I of course had to have this for dessert…

Almond-crusted Cheesecake finished with Lambert Cherry Sauce

This was again heavenly and I happily got to have this whole dessert all to myself because neither of the girls like almonds.

And that just leaves Emily, who had this for dessert…

Strawberry “Shortcake” with Chantilly Cream and Strawberry Sauce

Although she liked this, she wasn’t overly excited about it. :confused3

So the overall rating of our last dinner was: [IMG] Very Good