Old Faithful Club – Part IV

Old Faithful Club – Part IV (Continental Breakfast)

For the final installment of my Old Faithful Club review I will be showing you the breakfast offerings which were available in the lounge on the morning of May 1st.

Because I had stayed in the night before and went to bed earlier than usual, I was awake quite early on Thursday morning. I went out to the lounge a few minutes before 7:00, just as they were starting to put out the food. So I decided to stay out of their way and take some photos out in the seating area/hallway of the lounge. First from the windows I took a few photos of the sun rising over the lake…




…and then turning around to face the lobby, I took this photo.


Everything was so quiet and serene at this time of day. :cloud9:

Then it was time to check out the food in the lounge, starting with the cereals…


Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran


Fruit Loops and Corn Flakes

Or for those who prefer their cereal hot, there was oatmeal…


…along with these toppings.


Brown sugar, golden raisins, and Craisins (I think?)

There were many fresh fruit options, including…



Honey dew melon and Pineapple


Cantaloupe and Watermelon


Red Grapes


and Oranges, Bananas, and Apples.

And last but not least, the breads and pastries…


Three kinds of bagels.




Cinnamon rolls

And two kinds of mini-muffins…




Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Here is the first plate of food which I took back to my room to enjoy along with a cup of coffee…


While the blueberry muffin and croissant were both very fresh and tasty, my favorite was the cinnamon roll. It was delicious!

A little while later, I decided to return to the lounge for some juice. There were four kinds for me to choose from…


Apple and Orange



Or in the refrigerator case there were cans of tomato juice, along with cartons of milk and yogurt…


In addition to a glass of OJ, I couldn’t resist having a bowl of oatmeal topped with brown sugar and Craisins…


I was very pleased with the continental breakfast offerings. It was a perfect way to begin my busy day, which would include transferring to another resort.

In conclusion, although I didn’t taste many of the Yacht Club CL breakfast offerings (as I had breakfast plans each of the three mornings that I was there), I recall that they were very similar to what they had at the Old Faithful Club. Therefore, I will declare a tie in the Breakfast category of the comparison between the two.

So for the final results of my WL vs. YC comparison: There were two ties regarding their food, Afternoon snacks and Breakfast. However, the Wilderness Lodge won for both their Evening and Dessert offerings. The views from the seating area of the WL lounge were also much more impressive. And finally, I found the Old Faithful Club castmembers to be much more friendly and the atmosphere which they created to be more relaxed and inviting. :goodvibes

As I left that morning, I saw the nice CM who had checked me in the day before and had declared that my experience at the Wilderness Lodge CL would be better than that which I had had in December at the Yacht Club. At that time I was skeptical, as my three night stay at the YC had been a complimentary upgrade…and free is always better, right? ;) Well, I would have to say that the Wilderness Lodge’s Old Faithful Club proved me wrong and I happily told the CM that his prediction had proved to be correct.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that before leaving my room I booked a bounce back rate for a split stay at the Wilderness Lodge and Boardwalk for my October trip, and included another one night stay at CL. So you will be seeing more of the Old Faithful Club in my October trip dining report. ;)