Plaza Restaurant – 4



Let’s begin by taking a look at the Plaza’s menu (which is the same for lunch and dinner)…


On my last three visits to the Plaza I had tried three different sandwiches, the cheeseburger, the Plaza club, and the cheese steak.  Of these the only one I really liked was the club sandwich.  So even though I should have tried something new for the sake of my dining report, I decided to play it safe and order something I knew I would like…

The Plaza Club with Smoked Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce Tomato, and Mayonnaise layered on Sourdough Bread, served with French Fries

This was good.  The turkey tastes freshly baked rather than like turkey lunch meat, which is always a plus.  And the Plaza’s french fries are great if you are a fan of thick-cut fries, which I am.  One more thing to add is that when my daughter had this sandwich less than 6 months earlier (May 19, 2015) it was $12.49.  The price on Nov. 6th was $12.99.  In comparing the May and Nov. 2015 menus, it looks like the prices of several of their sandwiches were increased by $.50.  Welcome to Disney World!  ;)

Moving on now, the dessert menu at the Plaza is not extensive, with just a few ice cream desserts plus cheesecake…


I’ve had both the regular sundae (with hot fudge) and the banana split and both were good.  But this time I was attending a Dessert Party at DHS later that evening so I passed on dessert at the Plaza.

The Plaza was a last minute addition to my dining schedule.  I didn’t regret my decision to add it.  It served its purpose well and I left there pleasantly full.