Raglan Road Dinner

At this point I knew where this was heading and that my plan to try all new places at Downtown Disney had been foiled. I resigned myself to the fact that we would be having…

Dinner at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Now don’t get me wrong, I really do like Raglan Road. It’s just that it is the one table service restaurant at Downtown Disney where we have eaten, and not just once but at least four times. So I just thought it might be nice to try something new, but I guess we are in fact creatures of habit…even at the ripe-old age of 22. Okay I’m done with the complaining, now on to our review…

We arrived at Raglan Road about a 1/2 hour before our 7:00 reservation, but this was not a problem. In fact, they seated us so quickly that my daughters barely got their feet into the door of the Raglan Road gift shop…thereby saving me a few dollars. ;) I asked that we be seated in the main dining area where all the action takes place and my request was granted. By all the action, I of course mean the entertainment, which includes the Raglan Road Irish Dancers and their house band, Creel.



I was so distracted by the wonderful entertainment (and taking pictures of them), that I completely forgot to take pictures of the menu. So here is a link to the dinner menu on the Raglan Road website.


And speaking of their website, I learned many things about Raglan Road that I had not known before. For instance, I discovered that Raglan Road is indeed a“TRUE” IRISH PUB. Its owners and chef (Kevin Dundon) are from Ireland, the band members and dancers are Irish-born, most of the furnishings were custom-made in Ireland, and even the four antique bars (which are each more than 130 years old) were imported from Ireland. In fact, according to the website, “the bleedin’ building’s from Ireland.” “Built entirely in Ireland, shipped lock, stock & beer barrel to Downtown Disney.” So I doubt that you could find a more authentic Irish pub outside of the country of Ireland.

Getting back to our dinner now…Allison was having a difficult time deciding which of the many beers to order from the Drinks Menu. And then she spotted this in the Specialty Libations section of the menu…


Iced Irish – Irelands answer to Starbucks with alcohol added of course. Baileys Caramel Irish Cream, Butterscotch Schnapps, Bushmills whiskey & coffee topped off with fresh cream

She loved this and said that she was impressed by the generous amount of alcohol it contained. :woohoo:

Next came our basket of Irish Soda Bread, which I thought I took a picture of but can’t seem to find it. So in lieu of a picture, here is a link to a video I found of Chef Kevin Dundon demonstrating how to make the Raglan Road Irish Soda Bread…


I know some people don’t like this bread, but I happen to really enjoy it. But only when it is dipped in the Guinness beer/brown sugar sauce that they serve with it. Yum!

For an appetizer, I really wanted to order the Appetizer D’Lirrah for us all to share. This is a sampler platter of some of their most popular appetizers, the Dalkey duo, Scallop forrest, Heaven on Earth and Nom Nom Wings. However we decided that we weren’t that hungry so instead Allison and I shared this…


Heaven on Earth – Baby back ribs tossed in a Guinness glaze

I think these are appropriately named because they were tender and delicious, covered with the same Guinness dipping sauce as was served with the bread I believe. ;)

Allison and I also shared an entree. Here is where I must admit that I too am very much a creature of habit because every time (including this one) I’ve been to Raglan Road I have always had this for my entree.


Fish & Chips – Beer battered cod and thick-cut french fries

Our server told us that Raglan Road flies their fish in from Boston daily so it is always very fresh. I apologize for not taking a better picture of this, one where you could actually see the portion size. Although there was just one piece of fish, it was large enough for the two of us to share, plus there were a lot of french fries to eat. I’ve always really enjoyed the Fish & Chips here, so it would be really difficult for me to order anything else at Raglan Road.

However, I can always count on Emily to try something different every time. This time she chose…


It’s a Porker – Grilled pork chop with colcannon potatoes & a port cider jus with apple chutney

She said that this was good, but not nearly as good as the pork chop she had Le Cellier the day before.

Since Allison and I had shared our appetizer and entree, we still had room for dessert. But not a lot of room, so again we shared this…


Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding with Butterscotch and Custard Sauces (served on the side in small pitchers)

This is another must-have during each and every visit to Raglan Road and it was again delicious. The only bad thing about it is that it is so big and filling that even the two of us couldn’t finish it all.

Writing this review made me curious as to how difficult the Raglan Road Bread & Butter Pudding would be to make at home. In case you are interested, here is a link to the recipe I found: http://allears.net/din/recipes/rec_bbpd.htm

While reading through the ingredients for this, I had to chuckle when I saw that the raisins were to be soaked in Irish mist. I was wondering if this might be on the same order as the Raspberry air that is part of Le Cellier’s cheesecake dessert??? But then I found that Irish mist is actually an Irish Whiskey Liqueur. Ahhhh…that makes sense!!! After all, it seems that most of the food at Raglan Road has some form of alcohol involved…Guinness dipping sauce/marinade, beer-battered fish, port cider jus, etc. So why am I not surprised that their signature dessert has whiskey-soaked raisins. :rotfl:

As far as I know though, Emily’s dessert did not contain any form of alcohol. ;) She spotted this raspberry dessert on the menu and she was sold.


Dundon’s Delight – Raspberry pavlova with vanilla pod (bean) ice cream and raspberry sauce

Now when she ordered this, she had no idea what pavlova was but with the dessert having “raspberry” listed twice in the description she figured it had to be good. Well, I guess she figured wrong because she gave this only an “Okay” rating. It turns out that she is not a fan of pavlova, which (just in case you too are not familiar with) is a meringue dessert with a crisp and crunchy outer shell, and a soft, moist marshmallow-like center.

So our overall rating for this meal was:  Very Good

The next time we visit Downtown Disney, perhaps we will try one of the other many table-service restaurants there. But then again, since we have always had very good meals at Raglan Road, maybe we will just stick with it. You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” ;)