Roaring Fork

This was my first visit to Roaring Fork, the quick service restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge, since it was renovated earlier in 2017.

I first checked out the menus posted outside of the restaurant (on Oct. 31, 2017)…

Then a quick look inside at some of the goodies in their greatly expanded display cases.
Let’s begin with some breakfast pastries starting with the Apple and Cherry Danish


Cinnamon Rolls


Chocolate Croissants


There were also muffins, Pumpkin

…or Chocolate Chip.


And these really cool looking Bear Claws


Next a peek at some of their desserts, like these Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookies topped with Mickey sprinkles

…and Mickey-shaped Brownies.


And then there were Cupcakes…

Especially noteworthy were their Campfire Cupcakes

This is a chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow. It also has marshmallow icing which is topped with “dirt” (aka cookie crumbles) and then decorated with a little frosting campfire and candy rocks.

But what really caught my eye was this…


If only I’d been the slightest bit hungry I would have definitely tried one of these. But I wasn’t so sadly I didn’t. However, it looks like I’ll be staying at the Wilderness Lodge for at least a couple of nights on my next trip in Fall 2018 so I will definitely be checking out Roaring Fork…and this time I’ll do it with an empty stomach!