Rose & Crown Lunch

Our lunch was off to a great start when we were seated in a perfect location, outside on the deck with a great view of World Showcase. :)

– Photo courtesy of Vicki –
Emily and I had a few goals that we wanted to accomplish today and one of these was to try to finish out our Epcot Bar Crawl by going to all the remaining places that our group had originally intended to visit on Monday. Emily had just turned 21 last October so she was entirely on board with this plan. ;)

So since the Rose & Crown Pub was one of those places which we failed to get to on Monday, Emily and I began our lunch by ordering a cocktail.


Welsh Dragon – Peach schnapps, melon liqueur, creme de menthe (which they were out of that day) , orange and pineapple juice
& English Rose – Beefeater Gin, apricot brandy, sweet vermouth, pineapple, orange & cranberry juice

She had the Welsh Dragon and I went with the English Rose. Both of these were sweet, fruity drinks that we enjoyed.

Then we each also ordered an appetizer and shared them both.


Trio of United Kingdom Cheese with Accompaniments – $10.49

The cheese plate at the Rose & Crown includes three cheeses — a Cotswolds Cheddar-like cheese with chives, an aged Irish Cheddar, and Stilton blue. Emily doesn’t like blue cheese but I love it so I had that one all to myself and let her have the other two. The Stilton was covered with dried cranberries (aka Craisins), walnuts, and honey…which only made it better in my book! :thumbsup2 I shared some of my honey with Emily, as she was not thrilled with the other accompaniments. The cheddar cheese was paired with a sweet onion jam. And you can’t identify the other accompaniment in the photo but it was two small pickles (cornichons). My daughter doesn’t eat pickles, but I think I might have eaten one. However, I can’t even tell you if it was the sweet or savory version. :laughing:

For our other appetizer, we chose the…


Scotch Egg – Golden-fried Hard-boiled Egg wrapped in Sausage Meat with Mustard Sauce – $9.49

This was my second time having the Scotch egg here and Emily’s first and we both enjoyed it very much. I am generally not a fan of mustard but the sauce served with this goes very well with the egg/sausage combination.

Vicki also ordered a Scotch egg to share with Brenda and Em.  Vicki said, “This is one of my favorite foods in all of WDW. Not something you would eat everyday but a definite treat while on vacation. I especially love the sauce served with it.”


Vicki also ordered the Potato Leek soup…


She said, “It was delicious! Creamy & just the right seasoning. I have had this soup several times in the past and it did not disappoint.”

Regarding her entree choice, Vicki said, “So I always get the Bangers & Mash here. I told myself all week that I was going to try something different this time as I had just had the B&M with Andrew in August. So what did I order?”


“Yup, the Bangers & Mash. I couldn’t help it. It is just sooooo good. Creamy potatoes, sausage that is a bit spicy. I really love this dish.”

For our entrees, I thought Emily would order the Cottage Pie, as it something that she has had here before and enjoyed. But instead she surprised me and chose the entree that I had intended to order… :(


English Breakfast Burger – Angus Beef Patty with Applewood-smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Fried Egg, and House-made HP Sauce, served with chips (aka thick cut French fries) – $14.99

She really enjoyed this but wasn’t able to eat it all because this thing was pretty massive. In hindsight, we probably should have just shared it.  But instead of doing the smart thing and sharing the burger that we both wanted to order, I went with my old stand-by from here at the R & C…


Fish and Chips – “Rose & Crown’s Signature Dish” Beer-battered and served with House-made Tartar Sauce – $18.99

This was good, but not really worth the $18.99 price. :worried:

The other Emily also ordered English Breakfast Burger. Brenda said, “Em enjoyed this very much and said the egg was sunny side up but cooked perfectly. The fries were thick and delicious.  I would know since I had to sneak one while the kid wasn’t looking.”

Brenda said, “I had a difficult time selecting an entrée since I had hoped to order the Mary and the Lads shrimp appetizer and a salad. However, the shrimp was no longer on the menu. I searched my inner craving to see what else sounded good and I came up empty. So I went with something that Linda had shared with me that she had ordered, the vegetable stone pie.”

Brenda said, “My perception of this “pie” was far different than reality. I definitely had no idea what a stone pie was.  In fact, I still don’t think I do. It was full of spinach (good), was very custardy (ok) and was smothered in a morney sauce (think béchamel) which was… uh room temp. Back to my perception, I thought this was supposed to be served hot or at least warm. It was just room temp which had me confused. I said something to the waitress and she explained that the pie is served room temperature. Ok, I just don’t think it was my thing.”

Emily and I passed on dessert because we had some other sweet treats in mind from across the (World Showcase) pond. ;)

However both Vicki and Brenda ordered the Sticky Toffee Pudding (no photo).


Vicki said, “This is right up there with the Ooey Gooey Toffe Cake at LTT and the wontons at Y&Y as my favorite desserts in Disney. Very happy I got to have all three this trip. It is served warm & the custard is actually nice and light. I have tried to replicate this at home with no success.”

Brenda said, “The moist little bundt shaped sponge cake had toffee sauce poured over the top and was served on a puddle of custard sauce. This was British perfection! This was better than I expected and so my dilemma is now finding a way to work in Rose & Crown if for nothing else a scotch egg and toffee pudding.”

Overall, this was a solid meal in a perfect setting with good friends. Although Rose & Crown is not yet on my “must-do every trip” list, it remains a strong candidate on my list of possible dining choices at Epcot. ::yes::

Following our lunch, we had to say good-bye to Vicki, as she was flying home that afternoon. :sad1: