Rose & Crown Pub


My husband, daughter, and I shared the Imperial Sampler…



I don’t like beer so I stuck to the Strongbow Cider and left the other four to my husband and daughter. The last time we had the Imperial Sampler it was only $10.00. Though it was now $11.75, I still think this is a pretty good deal. :thumbsup2

Oh, and plus they accept TIW for a 20% discount here. ::yes::

Being only 17, my son had a soda and a little grub from the pub…


He chose the English Chips…


…or thick-cut french fries, as they are called here in states. ;)

IMHO, the Rose & Crown is one of the crown jewels of Epcot’s World Showcase. So my advice to you is,

“Keep Calm and Carry Yourself to the Rose & Crown Pub”