Rose & Crown Pub

It started to get really cloudy just as their performance ended and we just so happened to be very close to one of my favorite places at Epcot to pass the time on a rainy day…


We only had to wait about 5 minutes before we got lucky and snagged the best table in the bar. And which is the best table??? The one closest to the piano where the Hat Lady performs. :thumbsup2


The very first song she sang was one she made up about the three of us. It was very clever and funny! :laughing: If you have never seen her, I highly recommend that you catch one of her performances. :thumbsup2

But this is a dining review, so I really should be telling you about what we had to eat and drink here. I think DD1 had a Black and Tan – Half Bass Ale and Half Guinness. I’m not a big fan of beer, so I got a Strongbow Cider, which is something I discovered that I liked on a previous trip to the Rose & Crown. The three of us also shared this…


Trio of United Kingdom Cheese with accompaniments (Cheese Plate #1 of the Trip)

This was our first of many cheese plates on this trip and the best value, as we got three cheeses for around $10 I believe. The three cheeses and their accompaniments were (shown in the picture from left to right): Cotswald Cheddar with radishes, Aged Irish Cheddar with cold fruit chutney, and my favorite…Stilton Blue cheese covered with honey and accompanied by a mixture of craisins and walnuts. I loved the blue cheese and lucky for me got to have it all to myself because neither of the girls will touch moldy cheese! :rotfl: Oh, and we really liked the toasted raisin baguette slices that were served with the cheese.

And so while it poured down rain outside, we were very dry and content inside the Rose & Crown Pub…enjoying the entertainment, the food, the drinks, and most of all, each other’s company. A great time was had by all! :thumbsup2