Salty Sow

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Our last day of this Austin trip happened to be our 31st wedding anniversary.  I chose to have our celebration dinner here because my husband is a big fan of pork, so with a name like “Salty Sow” this restaurant was bound to have some great pork dishes.  Right?  Plus Salty Sow was ranked a very high #4 best on Yelp and #12 best Austin restaurant by Trip Advisor and the prices seemed pretty reasonable (which makes my husband happy).

We invited 3 extended family members in addition to our daughter (all residents of Austin) to join us for our anniversary dinner at Salty Sow, located at 1917 Manor Road.  We arrived a little late for our reservation, mostly due to being unable to find nearby street parking.  Our three guests though were already seated and were starving so went ahead and ordered this to share…

Triple Fried Duck Fat Fries topped with a 110 minute egg and served with cold bearnaise

Sorry that the fries are half gone by the time I arrived to take a photo, but they were very hungry.  Lol.  Anyway, the fries were good.

We then all looked over the menu to choose a few salads to start with…

One of our nieces, chose this salad…

Roasted Organic Beets with Pure luck goat cheese & pistachio vinaigrette

She said it was good.

Also good was the salad that her husband ordered…


Brussels Sprout Caesar Bar Salad with candied almonds, dried cranberries, and caesar dressing

Our other niece ordered this salad…

Crispy Brussels Sprout Leaves topped with golden raisins and pecorino cheese

Another good salad!

My husband also ordered the Collard Greens (photo missing), mostly because the menu description included “smoked ham hocks”.  But unfortunately their was no sign of ham in this dish, either visually or by taste.  So this tasted like plain ‘ole collard greens and he was very disappointed.

Now for our entrees, which we tried three different ones between the six of us.  Two of us, including my daughter, went with the Crispy Chicken Thighs with neck bone gravy

This came with a side of fried smashed potatoes, which seem to be hidden underneath the chicken in my photo.  My daughter said this was just okay.

I ordered the…


Petite Bone-in Filets with mushrooms, bone marrow and red wine sauce

My complaint with this dish is that there wasn’t much meat, especially for $31 (the highest price entree on their menu).  What I did have was good though.

I also ordered a side of fried smashed potatoes but instead they brought me this…

This was actually their Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes with neck bone gravy. The mashed potatoes were good though so I didn’t say anything about the mistake.

The remaining three all ordered this entree…

Slow-cooked Beef Shoulder with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, glazed root vegetables, and topped with a fried egg

I was surprised when my husband was one of those who ordered this, as I thought he would order one of the two pork entrees on their menu (pork belly or pork butt) but I guess neither of them appealed to him.  If there had been a pork chop or pork tenderloin, or even pulled pork on the menu I’m sure he would have been all over that.  But anyway, he said his entree choice (he called it beef stew) was good.

We all still had room for dessert though so we shared three.

Bananas Foster Beignets


Mexican Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée


Dark chocolate truffle cake 

All three were good.  The 6 of us did not agree though on an overall favorite, with some votes for each of the three desserts.  My personal favorite was the beignets.

So overall we rated our dinner at Salty Sow 4 stars, which is a bit lower than the 4 1/2 star rating given to this restaurant by both Yelp and Trip Advisor reviewers.