Sleepy Hollow

Background: Over the years, I’ve passed by Sleepy Hollow countless times while on my way to something or another in Liberty Square but never once stopped by to investigate. I even recall that once I caught a whiff of something wonderful while walking in that area, yet still didn’t bother to find out the source of the delicious smell. :guilty: Then shortly before my birthday trip in May 2011, I read reviews here about the wonderful funnel cakes and giant Mickey Mouse waffles at Sleepy Hollow. I finally knew then what I had missed out on for all those years and I vowed that I would pay a visit to Sleepy Hollow on my very next trip. And so here is a picture of the delicious funnel cake that I shared with Allison on our trip last year.

Sleepy Hollow Funnel Cake – May 2011

So my next goal was to try a giant Mickey Mouse waffle, because shamefully I had never had a Mickey Waffle…giant or otherwise. :sad2: Unfortunately though, I didn’t make it back to Sleepy Hollow on my next trip (Nov. 2011) due to lack of time, so I was determined to do so on this trip. Nothing would stop me from having a Mickey Mouse waffle for…

Breakfast at Sleepy Hollow

Or so I thought. ;)

Here’s how it all went down…

After spending the first hour or so of the morning in Fastasyland, I was more than ready for my breakfast treat.

{On a side note: You may recall from an earlier review that traditionally I try to make Soarin’ my first ride of most trips, as it is my favorite. Well, after having spent more than 2 days at Disney World, we hadn’t yet been on one single ride. :eek: So what ride ends up being our very first of the trip???…….Goofy’s Barnstormer (excuse me, make that “Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini” ;)). Hey what can I say, Dumbo was not open that morning for some reason. :laughing: Anyway, while Barnstormer is a great first rollercoaster ride for little kids and their parents (in fact we hadn’t ridden it since the kids were little), but for three grown women I’d have to admit that this was pretty dull. The one redeeming quality is that one time during the ride we were high enough to catch a glimpse over the tall construction wall and get a sneak peek of the unfinished area of the new Fantasyland. :thumbsup2 After this we of course had to ride Snow White’s Scary Adventures since it was closing permanently at the end of May, and then we rode It’s a Small World because…well just because. :confused3}

So anyway, after all this excitement you can see how we desperately needed a quiet and relaxing breakfast break at Sleepy Hollow. :laughing: And so, I confidently walked straight up to their counter to place our order, as there was no need to look at the menu…I knew exactly what I wanted. The nice, elderly woman taking my order reminded me so much of my grandmother, who passed away almost 20 years ago. “I’ll have a Mickey Waffle with strawberries and whip cream, please,” I said in my most polite and respectful voice. And that’s when my bubble was burst by these words, “I’m sorry dear but we don’t have the Mickey-shaped waffles anymore, we now have only regular waffles or waffle sandwiches. There is a Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle sandwich that is really good, would you like to try that?” Feeling somewhat defeated I replied, “Yes, Grandma (I mean, Ma’am), I will try that.” After all, how can you say no to your grandma, right??? :hug:

So as I’m waiting at the pick-up counter while they prepare my earless waffle :rolleyes:, I’m wondering….how in the world did I miss this??? I knew about the new waffle sandwiches, but somehow I completely missed the fact that they took the place of the Mickey shaped ones. :confused3 But then I was presented with this delicious looking creation…


Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

So did it taste as good as it looked? Pretty much, yes! Two of us gave it a rating of “Very Good” and Allison gave it a “Good”, as she is not a fan of Nutella. At the time I didn’t think about it, but after reading Linda67’s recent review of this waffle, I would have to say that I totally agree with her. It definitely would have been better with a big dollop of whip cream on top. Then again, I think it might be worthy of a Tinkerbell “Excellent” rating if they also held the blueberries and the Nutella. So a waffle (preferably with, but acceptable without ears) with strawberries and bananas, and topped with whip cream. Maybe even add some chocolate syrup? Ahhh…Perfection! A girl can dream, can’t she??? :cloud9:

Oh, by the way, I just did an online search regarding the demise of the Mickey-shaped waffles at Sleepy Hollow and here is a link to the announcement that appeared on the Disney Food Blog (look under “Other Menu Changes” at the bottom of the article):

In my defense though, the article was posted on Nov. 13, 2011 so I probably didn’t read it. Because where was I on Nov. 13, 2011???…none other than Magic Kingdom! :rotfl: