Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

This was my first ever experience with an ATM which dispersed something other than cash.

Insert credit/debit card and out comes cupcakes…

Brilliant in concept, but not so brilliant in flavor.  We shared one of these on our way to the bus and the other sat in our room until we finally threw it out on our check out day.

So the best part (and the most memorable) of this experience ended up being the “I Love Sprinkles” jingle which was played over and over from the ATM as it dispersed our cupcakes.  And then my somewhat inebriated kids continued to sing the song on our empty bus all the way back to the Beach Club Resort…which our friendly bus driver thought was hilarious.

Anyway, I returned a few days later during the store’s regular business hours and took a look inside at all of their cupcakes.

I didn’t buy any though, as we were on our way to dinner at ‘Ohana.  But someday I’ll return to give Sprinkles another try.  Who knows, maybe then I too will be able to sing the song and mean it…

“I love Sprinkles, yes I do, yes I do!”  :laughing: