Sunshine Seasons


Now as you may have figured out by now, my daughters are not really breakfast eaters. For DD1, her idea of breakfast is a cup of strong coffee or if she really wants to splurge then she gets some kind of fancy coffee drink from Starbucks. :lmao: And as for DD2, having breakfast is just a total waste of sleeping time. :rolleyes: Consequently, you will not see any big ‘ole breakfast platters in this review. So I guess a more accurate title for this review would be“Breakfast Snacks at Sunshine Seasons”. And so, what were those “Breakfast Snacks”, you ask???


Strawberry Shortcake


This was primarily eaten by DD2, as DD1 refused to have more than a few bites of each of our two snacks. DD2 very much enjoyed it; however I’m not sure she considered it good enough to lose sleep over. ;) As for me, my fork was too busy shoveling the contents of this cup of deliciousness into my mouth :lmao:


Blueberry Croissant Bread Pudding

And first I must give credit where credit is due, because I would have never known about this wonderful breakfast treat had I not read about it on the DIS, and more specifically in a Feb. 2011 dining review by MickeyNicki. I didn’t get to have it on my next trip (May 2011), but it was near the top of my “Need to Try” list last time (Nov. 2011). And after having it then, it is now on my “MUST HAVE” snack list for every Disney trip. So if you happen to be reading this review, Nicki… :thanks:

And so with my tummy pleasantly full, I happily rode my favorite Disney World ride for the second time.

Ahhhh….Life is good when you are at Disney World! :cloud9: