Territory Lounge


Here is the menu…


Notice you can order the Artist Point Berry Cobbler here. :thumbsup2

And we chose to share this…


Sharp Cheddar-Beer Fondue along with bread cubes (pretzel and homemade sourdough), apples, and dried figs for dipping – Overall Rating 4.5/5
(the girls giving it a 4 and the guys a 5)



While we all really enjoyed this, my husband was particularly enamored with the fondue cheese. After we had polished off all the dippers, he was using his pick (those things that look like tiny sabres ;)) like a spatula to try and scoop up every last drop of the remaining cheese in our pot. ;)

For cocktails, my husband had a Moosehead here (one of his favorite beers), but my daughter and I had something a little more special.

Allison chose this for her first vacation cocktail…


Habanero Lime Margarita – Her Rating 4/5


While I went with something sweet and fruity…


Bahama Mama – My Rating 4/5


We were all happy with our drink choices. And we were all glad that we decided to give this place a try. It was quiet for a lounge (at least it was the night we were there, which was on a Saturday evening) and we could easily carry on a conversation. Another plus was that the chairs weren’t terribly uncomfortable. So it had two qualities that were severely lacking at another WDW resort lounge, which will later make an appearance in this report. ;)

In conclusion, if you are planning to stay at the Wilderness Lodge or planning to dine at Artist Point, I highly recommend that you include a visit to the Territory Lounge in your plans. Oh, and dont forget to show your Tables in Wonderland card here if you have one, for a 20% discount on your food and drinks. :thumbsup2