Territory Lounge Dessert

By 9:30 I was back at the Wilderness Lodge and seated at a table for two at the Lodge’s…


First I must say that I was surprised to see that there were quite a few people in the lounge. I’ve only been to the Territory Lounge twice before and both times it was pretty empty and quiet. But then again, my previous visits were earlier in the evening when many hotel guests were probably still at the parks, etc. I wanted to take photos of the lounge’s interior for my report but it’s pretty dark in there and I didn’t want to blind the other guests with my camera’s flash. I took this one quick photo without a flash though…


You probably can’t tell much from this very dark photo, but the decor of the Territory Lounge follows the rustic, woodsy theme of the Wilderness Lodge. There were large wood-carved bear statues on each side of the bar and the ceiling was covered by wooden logs. The combination of dark wood, no windows, and very few lights made for a dark room but that really didn’t bother me, except of course when I was trying to take pictures. ;) But anyway, I enjoyed the laid-back, comfortable atmosphere of this lounge.

Here is the menu I was presented that night…


Everything on this menu sounded great to me. I could have easily eaten an entire meal here. But I had just had dinner at La Hacienda and left room for one thing and one thing only…


Artist Point’s Cobbler with seasonal berries and house-made black raspberry ice cream

I really love this dessert! While the cobbler itself is very good, for me it’s the addition of the black raspberry ice cream that takes this dessert to the next level. But for those of you who don’t find fruit flavored ice cream appealing, on their visits to Artist Point my kids have requested this dessert with vanilla ice cream instead and that was not a problem at all. I have to admit that the vanilla ice cream was very good with the cobbler, but I still prefer the black raspberry. :thumbsup2

Oh, and FYI, the Territory Lounge accepts Tables in Wonderland so I received a 20% discount on my dessert…which made it taste even better. ;)

So even though I had had a big disappointment with the sad news of Linda’s injury, this day ended on a high note with my dinner with Niki and her husband followed by one of my favorite Disney World desserts. And on that high note came the end of the first week of my trip.