Trattoria al Forno

October 2015 Trip Review


My kids and I had had dinner here on my last trip to WDW in May 2015 but were not too excited with the food. However, I was still anxious to try it for breakfast, as there were at least 5 entrees on their menu that sounded good to me…


Though I had hoped to try two of these at this breakfast, in reality I was still not all that hungry after all the food that we had eaten the night before at the F & W Classic. In addition I had scheduled an ADR for lunch at a buffet restaurant. Luckily I was able to talk my husband into sharing an entree with me, and he even let me choose. :goodvibes

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato, Basil, and fresh Mozzarella served with Breakfast Potatoes, Choice of Bacon or Chicken Sausage, and a multi-grain croissant


[IMG]Our reviews were somewhat mixed for this entree. The main item, the scrambled eggs, was very good. The potatoes though were not good. They were kind of cold and lacked seasoning. As for the bacon, it was very crispy (but not burned)…which is how I like it but my husband prefers it less crispy. So we shared the eggs, I had the bacon, and we pretty much left the potatoes alone after trying them.

This was enough to fill me up but my husband was still hungry. Plus he knew he wouldn’t be getting anymore food until late afternoon when his plane landed back home since he was flying on Allegiant…where they even charge you for a glass of water!! :rolleyes: Therefore, he also ordered this…

Vanilla-Blueberry Steel-cut Oatmeal

This was good “stick to your ribs” oatmeal and did its job to fill him up for several hours. :thumbsup2

So overall, though almost all of our food was good, next time I would probably try one of the other four entrees (the frittata, breakfast pizza, waffle, or pancakes) that interest me.

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