Via Napoli

We had an early lunch scheduled that day at Italy’s…



As soon as we were greeted at the table by our server Giovanni, we told him that we were in a bit of a time crunch because we had fastpasses for Test Track that needed to be used before they expired. He did his job well, as we were in and out in about 1/2 hour…and that included having dessert!! :eek:

My husband had joined us by then and the four of us decided to share an individual size pizza. Since my son is a picky eater, we let him choose the toppings.

So guess what he chose?…


If you guessed pepperoni (and only pepperoni), then you would be correct! :laughing: Yes, a rather boring choice but the pizza was good and since we each had only one slice to eat, it was no problem finishing the whole thing. ;)

And since we still had a little time and room in our stomachs, we also shared a dessert…



Zeppole Di Catarina – Ricotta Cheese Fritters, served with whipped cream, chocolate sauce – $10.00

Actually, I don’t think I could go to Via Napoli and not have the zeppole. They are just sooo good!!! :thumbsup2

Our four forks were all poised and ready to attack… :laughing:


Hmm…9 zeppole and 4 people. I wonder who got that 9th zeppole? ;)