Wanyama Safari Tour & Dinner

October 2014 Tour and Jiko Dinner review includes:

  • Photos of Welcome Reception
  • Map of Tour
  • Photos of Safari Tour
  • Photos of the Jiko menu
  • Photos of the Jiko Restaurant
  • Review of the appetizers: the Blue Cheese Cheesecake topped with honey and the First Course of  Inguday Tibs in Brik, Jiko Salad, and Crispy Duck “Bobotie” Roll
  • Review of the entrees: the Second Course of the Botswana-style “Seswaa” Beef Short Rib, Maize-crusted Monkfish with Tomato-Butter Sauce, and Harissa Chicken and Saffron Broth.
  • Review of the desserts: the Last Course of the Malva Pudding, Avocado Custard Cake with Blood, and Ghanaian Chocolate and Kenyan Coffee Pot de Creme Tart
  • Overall review