Wolfgang Puck Express Breakfast

Though I had never been here for breakfast (only once for lunch a couple of years ago), I already knew exactly what I wanted to order based on the reviews I’d read and the pictures I had drooled over, ummm I mean seen on the DIS boards. :lmao: Wait, that’s not exactly true. Actually I knew what all three of us were going to order, because there were three things that I really wanted to try. ;) So with only a quick glance at the menu, I confidently walked up to the counter and began to place our order. “We will have the Crispy Cornflake French Toast and…(quickly interrupted by girl taking our order, who says)…”I’m sorry but we aren’t serving the Cornflake French Toast right now, but we do have French Toast made with bagels.” I think to myself, Bagel French Toast…really??? With all my confidence lost now, I’m standing at the counter “waffling” over whether or not to try the Bagel French Toast. But I finally pulled myself together and made the decision to skip the french toast and just get this…


Smoked Bacon Pizza with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and Ranch Dressing

And also this…


Wolfgang’s Breakfast Pocket – Scrambled eggs, peppers, Niman Ranch Bacon, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella and cheddar cheese baked into Wolfgang’s pizza dough served with Potato Wedges

Both of these were very good, but I preferred the breakfast pocket while they both preferred the pizza. I think this had to do with the fact that they both hate mushrooms. :crazy2: So once they discovered that the pocket had mushrooms, then the rest of it was all mine. Which was perfectly fine by me! :thumbsup2 And by the way, the potato wedges were also delicious.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the pizza and the pocket were more than enough food for the three of us to eat for breakfast. But even though I know we wouldn’t have been able to eat all three, it sure would have been fun to try. And my apologies to any Bagel French Toast fans out there. Although I’m sure it would have been quite good, I just couldn’t settle for bagels when my heart was set on… cornflakes??? :confused3 :rotfl:

So our overall rating for this meal was: Very Good

I definitely plan to return to Wolfgang Puck Express sometime, and I hope to finally get to try the Cornflake French Toast. I’m pretty sure that its absence was only temporary. I guess maybe there was a Cornflake Shortage in Florida last month that I hadn’t heard about??? :rotfl2: