Woody’s Lunch Box Breakfast – Fall 2019

The first thing we did upon arriving in the area of Woody’s Lunch Box was to find a table.  This is never an easy task at Woody’s, as it seems to always draw more customers than it has seating.  Even at 9:00 in the morning this place was busy.  But we spotted a 4-top table and sat down to place our mobile order.  By the way, it wasn’t long before we were asked if we would share our table and we gladly did so.

Though we were on the Disney Dining Plan we didn’t want to use any of our Quick Service credits here for breakfast, as were saving our credits for more expensive meals.  Also, though we both wanted the same entree, we decided not to share.  Instead we placed an order for two Kid’s meals, which then included a drink for each of us.

So here was our mobile order…

The only difference in our breakfast order was the drink we chose.

Here was Andrew’s…

Kid’s Breakfast Bowl Potato Barrels smothered in Smoked Brisket Country Gravy & Scrambled Eggs and topped with a sprinkling of green onion.  Served with Potato Barrels, a Cuties mandarin orange, and your choice of drink (Andrew chose Nestle Nesquick Chocolate Milk) – $5.69  

Note: He actually requested and got a double order of tater tots (potato barrels) for his two included sides with the Kids’ meal but we decided that having my orange in his photo would look better aesthetically than two bowls of tater tots. (haha)   Also, although he had requested “no green onion” on the mobile order, there were still a few…actually about the same amount that were on mine.  But it was no big deal for him to pick them off because there were so few.

Like the adult version of the Breakfast Bowl, the kid’s meal also came with a side of…MORE POTATO BARRELS!  But that’s okay with us because they are pretty tasty tater tots.  Oh, and by the way, the adult version currently costs $8.79 and for this higher price you get only a larger portion size of the breakfast bowl. A drink is not included with the Adult meal.  To get a drink you would have to pay another $2.00 – $5.00.

As for me, I chose Simply Orange orange juice for the included beverage with my Kids’ Breakfast Bowl meal…

The third option was a small bottle of Dasani water.

And here’s a closer look at my Breakfast Bowl…


We both enjoyed our bowls.  I’d read reviews saying they found the smoked brisket gravy to be lacking in flavor but I didn’t find this to be the case.  The scrambled eggs, tater tots, and gravy were all tasty.  During my 2018 trip I had tried the two other breakfast options here (S’more French Toast Sandwich and Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich) and I liked the Breakfast Bowl better than either of them.

Although I’ve enjoyed most of the food that I’ve had at Woody’s for both breakfast and lunch, I don’t enjoy the seating situation…or I should say, the lack of seating situation.  Because of that, I would probably choose ABC Commissary over Woody’s for breakfast at Hollywood Studios.  We were pleasantly surprised by the breakfast food we had there during our March 2020 trip and really liked the indoor (air conditioned) seating.  However, now that Hollywood Studios has reopened (after the COVID shutdown), neither of these two quick service restaurants are open.  I can definitely see why Woody’s is not open, as there is not much room in that area for adequate social distancing.  Not sure why ABC Commissary is not open though.  So I guess for now the breakfast options at Hollywood Studios are Docking Bay (if you want to sit down and eat), a Ronto Morning Wrap from Ronto Roasters, or maybe something “to go” from The Trolley Car Cafe (Starbucks).  Since I haven’t had breakfast from any of these places yet, I can’t recommend any one of these over the others.  Hopefully that will change eventually and I’ll be able to offer an opinion on these other breakfast options at Hollywood Studios.

And so that just leaves the ratings.  Yelp reviewers have given Woody’s 3 1/2 stars, while those on Trip Advisor gave it 4 stars.  I would agree with both of these assessments.  Based on the food I would give Woody’s Lunch Box 4 stars but due to the problem with finding a seat in their outdoor only dining area, I would subtract 1/2 star and give Woody’s 3 1/2 stars overall.