Yak & Yeti Lunch


Our group of 7 had lunch at Yak & Yeti.


Here are some menu pics…




And the cocktail menu…



From this I chose…



I’ve had this cocktail before and again I really enjoyed it. It was sweet and fruity and went down quite easily…even with a weird paper straw. ;)

NOTE: The menu photos are actually from my March 2013 visit to Yak & Yeti and show the cocktail prices as $7.99. However, my bill from December shows that I was charged $8.99 for my drink, so I guess there has been a price increase.


Brenda had a Pina Colada (sorry no photo).  Regarding this Brenda said, “Perhaps my opinion of Y&Y is skewed by the fabulous pina colada which has been my drink of choice for the last few trips. I agree with Barb, the weird paper straw is not ideal. Add to that the fact that it is about 1/2″ too short for the glass and it leaves me tipping the entire glass upside down to get to the contents at the bottom.”


Next for our entrees, starting with mine…


Kobe Beef Burger – 10 oz. grilled American Kobe beef burger, sesame-soy mayonnaise, and crispy shoestring fries. Topped with choice of shiitake mushrooms and scallion compote or Asian slaw (I chose the mushrooms and scallion compote).

A look underneath the bun…


And one more, which shows the mushrooms and scallion compote (brought to me in a cup)…


I haven’t yet found an entrée at Yak & Yeti that “wows” me, so I was tempted to play it safe and just order a couple of appetizers that I know I like (the egg rolls and pot stickers). But instead I decided to try an entrée that I had not had here before. I had high hopes for this, but sadly was a bit disappointed. While I can’t deny that it was a good burger, for me it just wasn’t worth the $18.99 price tag. :sad2: If the mushroom compote had been to my liking, it might have changed my opinion of this burger. But unfortunately, the compote tasted like pure garlic…strong enough to repel the entire “vampire” bat population of Animal Kingdom. :p While I love garlic (I am half Italian after all ;)), this much garlic overwhelmed the natural good flavor of the beef rather than enhancing it.

For her entrée, Brenda ordered the always delicious pork pot stickers appetizer and a side of pork egg rolls (sorry no photos).  Brenda said, “I LOVED both of these. I can’t decide which I like better. Since I don’t have to choose, I’ll just declare them both winners.”

Emily tried a new item on the menu, the Veggie Lo Mein (Lo Mein noodles, carrots, cabbage, green onion, and bean sprouts) along with a side of steamed veggies (sorry no photos).  This was good but she found it to be entirely too much food for one person.  She liked expanding her horizons though and may look to share this next time she visits Yak & Yeti.


Next up is Beth, who ordered this…

Mandarin Chicken Salad – chilled chicken, romaine and iceburg lettuce, Mandarin oranges, almonds, sesame seeds, rice noodles and plum dressing $15.99 (Photo by Beth)

Beth said, “This salad was huge and had a ton of chicken in it. I had them put the dressing on the side since I don’t like it when salads are soaked with dressing. It was a good salad.”

For their entree, Paula and Hunter shared an order of egg rolls, which they loved…

– Photo by Paula –

…and the Honey Chicken.

– Photo by Paula –

Paula said, “Due to Hunter’s seafood allergy our food is cooked in separate oil, which sometimes means things are great and others not so much. I felt that this time the chicken was excellent! We really enjoyed this!!!”

And that leaves Vicki, who ordered two appetizers for her entree.  First, the crispy fried green beans… (Photos by Vicki)


…and also the Lettuce Cups.


She said, “Both were just as good as always. The beans were perfectly crisp and not at all greasy.”

Paula and Hunter passed on dessert, but the rest of us shared 3 orders of the…

Fried Wontons – Skewers of fresh pineapple and cream cheese wontons, vanilla ice cream, honey-vanilla drizzle

As always, the wontons were the highlight of my meal at Yak & Yeti. :thumbsup2  I think everyone agreed that they were delicious!

NOTE: The March price of the wontons was $7.99 but in December they were $8.99.

One more thing to add, although Yak & Yeti does not accept Tables of Wonderland it does give a 10% Annual Passholder discount on entrees only. So I received a $1.90 discount on my $18.99 entrée , bringing the price of my burger down to around $17.00. Hmmm :scratchin…nope, still not worth it. ;)