October 2014 Dinner Review includes:

  • Photos of Restaurant
  • Photos of the menu
  • Review of the entrees: the  Simply Fish entree – Our daily selection of finest fresh fish selected from coastal waters around the world, simply grilled on our teppanyaki grill, served with your selection of sauce – warm crabmeat, dijon mustard, and chives or sauce of the day
  • Review of the desserts: the Chocolate and Passion Fruit Cream Puff – Chocolate Mousse Ball with Chocolate Glaze, Pate a Choux, Caramel Cremeux, Caramelized Pineapple, and Frozen Passion Fruit Parfait.
  • Overall review


May 2012 Dinner Review includes:

  • Photos of Restuarant
  • Photos of the menu
  • Review of the drinks: the Zooberry (bluezoo’s signature cocktail)
  • Review of the appetizers: the Shake & Bake Fries
  • Review of the entrees: the Grilled Florida Grouper with warm crabmeat and dijon mustard sauce, the Grilled Salmon with the crabmeat sauce, and the Milkfed Chicken with eggplant parmesan puree, farro verde, charred scallions, and English peas
  • Review of the desserts: the Warm Chocolate Raspberry Molten Cake with chocolate cream pudding, raspberry sauce, and raspberry ice cream
  • Overall review