Whispering Canyon Cafe Breakfast

Though I had previously had both lunch and dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe, this was my first time having breakfast there so it was something I was greatly looking forward to. Once my dining companions (Linda, Brenda, and Emily) had arrived, we were seated and presented with this menu.




And just in case you have never dined at Whispering Canyon, here’s what it looks like in the middle of the afternoon…


But this is what it looked like at breakfast time that morning…


As you can see, it’s a very popular place to have breakfast. ;)


Now on to our food, starting with Linda’s
Steel-cut Oatmeal – with fresh fruit, whole-wheat bagel and nutella $10.49 (SORRY NO PHOTO) 

Linda said, “The oatmeal was hot and tasty, with just a little brown sugar and cranberries on top.  The fruit was super fresh and I really enjoyed the whole wheat bagel. Some would say that this isn’t the most exciting breakfast in the world but for me it really hit the spot.  This was my first time at WCC for breakfast (we’ve done lunch before) but I would certainly come back.” :thumbsup2


Both Brenda and her daughter, Emily, had the Belgian Waffle with maple butter and candied pecan topping and choice of bacon or sausage (but they both substituted a scrambled egg for the breakfast meat)


Brenda said, “I realize that Belgian waffles can be boring and uninspired considering they are essentially flour, eggs, milk and Belgians (j/k) but when you fashion these in the shape of a Mickey head – Awesomeness! They transform from ordinary to extraordinary. But what really makes these special is the maple butter and candied pecans. Perfect!”


And that just leaves me.  I ordered the…


House-made Banana Bread French Toast with Bananas Foster Sauce and choice of Bacon or Sausage (I chose bacon)

And a bonus photo with the delicious bananas foster sauce generously applied…



The sauce made the difference between a good dish and a great one. :thumbsup2


I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast at Whispering Canyon Café. The food was great, the service was great, and my dining companions were great. Yet this was only my third favorite breakfast of this trip…which included a record-breaking (for me) 6 sit-down breakfasts. There are some definite advantages to traveling to Disney World without my family, who generally dislikes getting up in the morning to have a sit-down breakfast while on vacation. Having 6 great breakfasts with Brenda & Em and various other members of our group was one of the highlights of my trip. :)